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The Benefits of Social Media

In the past six years, usage of online social media sites has risen dramatically. Billions of people now have accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and using these platforms can have a lot of benefits for those who live far away from their friends and family. However, social media doesn’t just offer a way for people to connect with those they already know – it also offers businesses a way to interact and connect with their customers.

Using Social Media for Business Purposes

Many people use social media for work-related purposes as well as leisure purposes; for example, some people choose to put their work profile and CV on sites such as LinkedIn to make themselves look more attractive to potential employers, and to showcase all their work-related achievements online. It is a very efficient way to get you and your work profile out there for employers to see.

In addition to this, many businesses choose to advertise their business on their own social media pages, and seek an online audience who will buy their products from them. For example, a confectionary business may promote themselves online on different social media platforms to gain a wider audience. They can post attractive pictures of their products with prices, and direct potential customers to their website to purchase these products. Liking, sharing and retweeting content online is an important part of keeping these small companies alive and in business, and in addition to this, it can also improve search engine rankings, allowing companies of all sizes to become more visible online.

Which Social Media Platforms do I need to be on?

Choosing the right platforms to advertise your business on is wise, as spreading yourself across all social media platforms may dilute your message, so it’s sometimes wise to stick to just one or two that really suit your business. For example, many B2B companies choose LinkedIn or Google Plus, whereas those B2C businesses with products to sell may opt for Instagram or Facebook – it all depends on where your target audience spend most of their time. The benefits of social media can be many and varied, but taking the time to explore all of your options before coming up with a strategy for your business is vital. After all, there’s not much point in tweeting if there’s no- one listening!

The main thing businesses need to do is connect regularly with their audience, be relevant and answer any queries directed to them via their social media platforms. This will make them more accessible to their customers, which can then increase sales.

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