Why domain names are important for businesses

A domain name is an address that can be used online, made up of a string of letters spelling out a company name or a person’s name, usually. There are more than half a billion domain names in existence on the Internet, and they are an especially useful thing for businesses to have.

“But are they really that important?”

Yes! Your company’s domain name will be the first thing your customers encounter if they attempt to search for your business online. It adds credibility to your company and, if it matches your company name, helps to build your brand. It is important for you to have a short, descriptive and easy-to-remember domain name, so potential customers can easily remember the name your business and what you do. A good domain name helps people to find and remember you better online, which is key to maintaining your business.

You should also consider that if your domain name includes a keyword or two relating to your business, these are likely to appear much higher up in online search engines. (For example, if you sell windows, a domain name that includes the word “windows” is more likely to show up than businesses that do not use this keyword.)

“What else are they good for?”

Domain names are also very mobile. Your main domain will most likely end in “.com” but domain names can be bought for other, specific countries if you’re considering to expand your business globally, such as “.eu” “.de” and “.co.uk“. It’s proven that having a local domain makes the local potential customers in that area more likely to trust and therefore buy from you.

For example, businesses like eBay and Amazon are very popular worldwide, and people living in the UK will always visit the domain name for these sites ending in “.co.uk” as it is local and specific to them, as well as being trustworthy.

New top level domains, likeĀ .media, .news, .online provide greater opportunity to get a more appropriate domain name for your business.

Domain names = vital to success.

Millions of purchases and deals are made online every day, as the whole world is connected by the Internet now. A good domain name is essential for making yourself heard and seen online, and generating much-needed traffic onto your website. This attracts more potential customers and results in better sales, so what are you waiting for? Buy a good domain name from SilverServe today and boost your business online.

4 December 2016 Domains
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